10 Game-Changing Article Writing Tips in 2023

10 Game-Changing Article Writing Tips in 2023

There are several strategic differences between the rules of writing a blog article and writing in a typical magazine or elsewhere. The main difference is that a post written on a blog needs to be written for the reader and for the search engine, which we call on-page SEO optimization. You need to learn the rules of article writing to succeed in blogging.

Because the number of visitors determines blog income, most of whom come from Google, some also from other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.

But there is no such thing as having a blog to get visitors. On-page SEO is followed by proper article writing rules to bring visitors so that search engines understand your post correctly and rank it on the first page with value.

Proper application of article writing techniques increases the readability of each article. It makes it seem intuitive and standard to search engines, which leads to better ranking and more organic traffic.

This post will discuss SEO-friendly English and Bangla-language article writing rules that will help you increase your website’s: rank. Let me tell you how to write a blog article.

Many ask, “How do I do keyword research?” h? Where should Ito put keywords in the blog are hopes? Please learn the rules of complete, a complete set search engine optimized English article through this article.


10 Game-Changing Article Writing Tips

10 Game-Changing Article Writing Tips
10 Game-Changing Article Writing Tips

A great blog article is perfect for both readers and search engines. Learn these blog post writing tips to learn how to write a blog article for search engines with mind readers.

1. Write for Readers, not Search Engines.

User-Friendly Article
User-Friendly Article

The most important rule of article writing – is always to keep your readers in mind. Don’t reduce the readability of the text while optimizing for SEO.

That is, due to over-optimization, the reader will get bored reading the article, and at the same time, the search engine, i.e., Google, does not like such articles.

You should SEO your article so the reader does not understand that the theme is optimized for him and Google.

So keeping the text the same improves SEO but reduces the user experience.

2. It should be more than 300 words.

The Article Should Be More Than 300 Words
The Article Should Be More Than 300 Words

There is no word limit for a blog post, though. But there is a minimum word count requirement, which you can use as a benchmark.

Writing 300 words or more allows search engines to understand the article better and find enough information to rank it better.

There are many opinions about article word count in blog SEO practice. But as a best practice, write as much as you need, between 500 and 2,500 words.

But, if you want to write an article longer than that, it’s better to publish it as a series of 2 separate links.

3. Use the Main Keywords in The Article.

Use The Main Keywords In The Article
Use The Main Keywords In The Article

A common question of many new bloggers is how and where to put keywords. Because if keywords are not used correctly, it is impossible to get to the top search results list.

Using the primary keyword in various places in the article is essential to help search engines understand and categorize the content.

Of course, use it only in places where it naturally sits; avoid trying to force it.

A good keyword density should be 2%. Therefore, the best on-page SEO optimization practice is to use the primary keyword once to twice per 100 words.

4. Use Related Keywords in The Article.

Use Related Keywords In The Article.
Use Related Keywords In The Article.

Related keywords provide additional information to index your article in the correct category. Use two to four of your associated keywords at least once per post.

5. Use the Main Keyword in The First Paragraph.

Use The Main Keyword In The First Paragraph.
Use The Main Keyword In The First Paragraph.

Search engines search for keywords with importance in some places. Among these places, the article’s opening paragraphs are the most important. So any SEO article writing should include keywords in the introduction section.

For best results, put the primary keyword in the first paragraph and include it in the first line.

6. Use Main Keywords in Sub-Headings

Use Main Keywords In Sub-Headings
Use Main Keywords In Sub-Headings

H2, H3, H4, and H5 subheadings are used to break the article. Subheadings also allow the reader to scan the entire article at a glance. It also helps search engines understand the theme of the article.

So make proper use of subheadings and use the primary keyword in at least one subheading.

7. Increase Readability

Increase Article Readability
Increase Article Readability

Both readers and search engines value articles with good readability. So write using short sentences and short paragraphs.

Avoid using long paragraphs or passive sentences.

8. Add Internal Links

Internal or inbound links are links between posts on your website. Hyperlinks help search engines understand and highlight important information. So add internal links to your articles if relevant.

Add links to sentences or words related to or related to keywords when linking up. Don’t add links to primary keywords.

9. Add Outbound Links

Outbound links include links to posts or pages on another website within your article. These links should be used to refer to references in your content.

Use these links naturally in your written articles when referencing content or information from other websites.

10. Spelling and Grammatical Mistakes

Spelling and Grammatical Mistakes
Spelling and Grammatical Mistakes

Readers are just some of the ones who love high-quality, grammatically correct articles. Instead, search engines also monitor the article’s grammar, syntax, and spelling and rank the search page.

Carefully check your content for grammatical errors or misspellings before publishing.

This is especially noticeable for those blogging in English. But now Google can correct spellings in the Bengali language as well.


Final Words.

English article writing rules and Bengali article writing rules are the same. SEO has to be done by maintaining the same process.

In the above discussion, we have discussed in detail the rules of how to write SEO articles. Follow the article writing rules and write quality articles. You will see a significant change in the number of visitors to your blog very quickly.

If you work with WordPress, use plugins like Rank Math, Yoast, All in one SEO, etc. These will help to make your written content SEO optimized.


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