Google Search Console: What Is It?

Google Search Console: What Is It? Why Use It?

There is no single reason not to use Google Search Console, in contrast to the numerous benefits of doing so. It is well-known among SEO professionals worldwide as the best free SEO tool.

If you’ve heard of Google Webmaster Tools when discussing SEO, you should also be familiar with Google Search Console. Google decided to change its name to Google Search Console in 2015 due to GWT’s growing popularity among expert marketers, SEO specialists, designers, and app developers.

This significant article from CourseTick will be able to provide you with a thorough understanding of GWT and Google Search Console if you are still getting familiar with them. Let’s get started; today, we’ll review a quick summary of Google Search Console information.

The free Google Search Console provides you with a wealth of data regarding your website and its users. You can get detailed information from Google Search Console about your site’s visitors and how they found it.

Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools) is a free service from Google that aids in monitoring and troubleshooting your website’s visibility in their search results, according to well-known SEO service chiefs.

Google Search Console is a free service that aids website developers, owners, and SEO specialists in understanding how their websites are doing on Google.

Additionally, you can use this free Google tool to see which pages on your website are the most popular and whether more people are accessing them through mobile devices or desktop computers.

It enables you to identify and address website issues. Can assist with creating and checking a robot.txt file and submitting website sitemaps.


What Purpose Does Google Search Console Serve?

Purpose of Google Search Console
Purpose of Google Search Console

A ton, a ton, and a lot. Google Search Console is a necessity for anyone with a website. As everyone knows, SEO is crucial to helping a website rank first in search results. You can use the Search Console to determine whether or not your SEO is succeeding.

You can monitor the development and decline of your website using Google Search Console. The search engine position of a website over the previous three months is shown in the above graph. In the last three months, approximately 1.5 lakh visitors appear to have arrived at the website via Google search. There’s Total Impression right next to it. This indicates that over the past three months, Google has displayed the website 1.22 million times.

At the same time, the image also shows the keyword ranking for your website on Google. Google uses a graph to present the growth and decline of your website to you in a very attractive and helpful way. You can access many more features by using Google Search Console in addition to those shown in this image. For instance:

URL inspection: You can use URL inspection to determine whether Google indexes the pages on your site.

Sitemap: For Google to fully crawl your website, you can submit a sitemap.

Removals: You can remove any unnecessary website page or post for Google to display.

Mobile Usability: Research the usability of your website on mobile devices to learn how users interact with it.

Backlinks: You can look at your website’s backlinks.


Google Search Console: Why Use It?

Why Use Google Search Console
Why Use Google Search Console

In contrast to the many benefits of doing so, there isn’t a single reason not to use GSC. It is well-known among SEO professionals worldwide as the best free SEO tool. Once you submit it to this platform, Google will automatically display all critical information about the website.

Using this fantastic tool, you can determine whether your website is developing quickly or lagging. Additionally, Google will advise you on how to fix any technical issues with the website. And all of this is provided without charge.


Follow the Google Search Console Instructions.

It is simple to use for your website. Go to the Google Search Console website and select the “Start Now” option to get started.

You will be directed to the Ad Property page on the following page and asked to add the property, which is your website domain. A pop-up window will appear after selecting the ad property option.  You will be asked for your website link.

Put your website’s full link in the second box, also known as the URL prefix box. Click the Continue button after that.

The option to verify ownership will appear after you click the Continue button. Google requires evidence that you are the website’s owner. Google will also provide you with an HTML file for this. You are responsible for downloading and uploading the HTML file to your cPanel.

But in this instance, it is essential to keep in mind that in addition to the HTML file being uploaded in the same directory as the cPanel directory where your website’s domain is located, After the file has been uploaded, select the button marked “Verify.” Well, Google’s Search Console has received your website submission.

The HTML file cannot be deleted from cPanel once uploaded. Google will immediately stop crawling your website once it has been removed.

Google will begin indexing your website’s content once you submit it to Search Console, which will cause Google to start crawling your website. Google will send you an email to let you know when it has indexed the content on your website. Your website will be ready to be displayed on search engines once you receive the email depicted in the above image.


Final words

The webmaster tools provided by Google are fantastic. Its acceptance has increased to the point where hobby shops, small and large business owners, and SEO specialists now prefer it. In particular, you will only find the same genuine information you get here for free if you pay money.

You should immediately add your website to Google Search Console if you haven’t already. See how it affects your marketing ROI after that.


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