How Do I Increase My Instagram Followers? 10 Essential Tips and Tricks seoexpertmunem

How Do I Increase My Instagram Followers? 10 Essential Tips and Tricks

We all know that once you have a lot of followers on your Instagram account, We can earn money from your Instagram account in different ways. And “affiliate marketing” is the most profitable way to earn money on Instagram.

However, if you want to earn money by increasing Instagram followers, you should avoid fake or bot traffic followers. And so, you need to use some rules or processes so that real users follow your Instagram account. You should avoid Instagram auto-follow or any such process if you intend to earn from Instagram in the future.

So, through today’s article, I will tell you some useful tips and tricks; if you follow them correctly, you can increase your Instagram followers quickly. That, too, without an Autobot, but entirely with a human user. Even if your number of Instagram followers is zero, you don’t need to worry. You can increase followers on a new Instagram account using the processes below.

How Do I Increase My Instagram Followers?

How Do I Increase My Instagram Followers?
How Do I Increase My Instagram Followers?

Friends, Instagram is currently a viral platform where film stars, celebrities, cricketers, social influencers, and ordinary people have accounts.

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To increase your followers quickly, please follow the tips below.

1. Create an account through Facebook.

Whenever you think of creating an Instagram account, you must do so through your Facebook account. While creating an account on Instagram, you will see the option to “Log in with Facebook.” Of course, you can use that option to log in to Instagram with your Facebook account information. All your Facebook friends with Instagram accounts will know about your new Instagram account.

This will increase the chances of your friends following you on Instagram right from the start.

2. Optimize your Instagram profile.

Many people need to optimize their profile properly after creating an Instagram account. Remember, check that page’s profile before anyone follows an Instagram page. And if your profile is not well optimized, people won’t want to follow it. So,

  • First, go to the “edit profile” option on your Instagram account.
  • Now, keep a good and exciting username associated with your profile.
  • If you have a website, add it to the website section.
  • Don’t make the mistake of leaving the “Bio” section blank. Write something about the topic you post on Instagram.
  • Be sure to add your email ID.
  • Select the “Similar Account” suggestion. In this case, you will be advised to follow your account if other accounts associated with your account are also following. You will gain followers very quickly.
  • Also, keep an attractive and high-quality profile picture of yourself. People have found it easier to follow pages with attractive profile photos.

3. Make sure to upload good-quality photos.

Remember that Instagram is primarily a photo-sharing platform. The quality, clarity, and attraction of the photos you share will depend on whether the followers will follow the page. So, always upload high-quality and clear pictures on Instagram. High-quality, clear, and crisp photos attract people to your page and therefore have a higher chance of getting a following.

However, I suggest taking DSLR photos and uploading them to Instagram. Although not everyone can use a DSLR camera. So, these days, various smartphones have the ability to take photos like a DSLR that you can use. If you are thinking of editing photos from your mobile device, then you need to use some of the best photo editing apps.

4. The use of hashtags is essential.

Be sure to use the “#” associated with the photo you are uploading to Instagram. For example, Diwali, travel, fashion, income, etc. You can add this hashtag (#) while uploading photos. More and more people see your uploaded photos through hashtags.

When we use # (hashtags) in the photo, our photo will automatically appear on the page associated with that hashtag.

5. Use Instagram Reels.

You can get a lot of followers very quickly by making Instagram reels. The reel is a feature where people upload short videos to Instagram. Making short videos can get people’s attention very quickly. Earlier, it was only possible to upload photos to an Instagram account.

However, a few days ago, Instagram introduced a new feature to upload short videos called “Instagram Reels.” Through Reels, your short video has a chance to go viral very quickly, resulting in your followers increasing exponentially. You can create any type of short video you want. But remember, make a video that is a lot of fun.

Fitness, finance tips, jokes, drawings, comedy, motivational, tutorials, etc. You can make any type of video and upload it. Simply put, it can increase followers very quickly through Instagram reels.

6. Like other posts on Instagram.

Like the posts of famous people on Instagram and comment on them. This will give you two benefits. First, you can market your account through it. Many people will see your comments when you comment on other famous people’s posts. And some people may come to your profile after seeing your comments. If they like your profile content or photo, they will follow you too.

Second, when you comment on other people’s posts, Instagram’s algorithm thinks you know each other. And so when you make a new post on Instagram, your post will also be shown to them. If they like your post, they will surely like, comment, or follow it.

7. Keep an eye on trending topics.

New Instagram accounts get a lot of followers very quickly with the help of trending topics. So, you, too, can use this process to increase your Instagram followers. If there is a festival, puja, etc., scheduled to take place in a few days, then upload the photo related to that festival on Instagram and use #hashtags related to the festival. In a few days, when that festival is approaching, your post will go viral, and you will get a lot of followers.

In this way, you search for trending topics and upload posts using trending hashtags associated with them. You can use Google Trends to find trending topics.

8. Content should be published regularly.

The most important thing you can do to grow your Instagram following is to post regularly. You need to post something daily on your Instagram to get followers fast. Instagram’s algorithm will help your posts reach more people if you publish regularly. But if you suddenly publish photos, Instagram will not use your account.

As a result, the likelihood of posts from this type of account publishing much less viral content is greatly reduced. So, you have to upload some photos or videos at a certain time every day.


9. The account must be promoted.

But you can promote your Instagram account online in various ways. If you have other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, etc., Then you can get followers by promoting your Instagram account. If you have a blog site or YouTube channel, new users from different places, including the Google search engine, can read or view your content daily.

You can request that the audience and users of your blog and YouTube channel follow your Instagram account. Through my blog, I have gained and continue to gain a large number of followers.

10. Use Instagram stories.

Posting stories can get many more people to see and interact with your Instagram account. Story is a feature of Instagram where you can upload photos and videos. However, these uploaded photos and videos can be seen by many people, resulting in a chance to get a lot of followers. Instagram stories are automatically deleted or removed after 24 hours.

Last Words

If your Instagram account has very few followers, try the above tips. If your Instagram followers aren’t growing, they definitely will. Don’t forget to use hashtags (#hashtags) when posting a photo or video on Instagram. This is what I always try to do so that I can give you information that is correct and useful. If you enjoyed our article today, please spread the word. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions about the article, please comment below.



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