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Bing SEO: 11 Important Bing Ranking Factors

When we say “search engine,” the first name that comes to mind is Google because we understand this search giant as the only search engine in our country. However, those targeting the American (USA) market should pay attention to the search engine, Bing, because 23% of the US audience uses the Bing search engine.

So, if the target country for SEO work is the United States, we must understand how to rank in the search engine, Bing. This is my topic of discussion today: Bing SEO.

The question of how to rank a website in Google comes to mind when we discuss SEO.So let’s take today’s discussion differently: how to rank in Bing’s search engine?

Before the discussion starts, For those of you who have read my previous article on Google ranking, there are many points mentioned that I will not discuss again here. But here I will talk about the vital Bing ranking factors.

Bing Search Engine At a Glance

Bing search engine
Bing search engine
  • Bing was released on June 1, 2009.
  • Owner: Microsoft
  • US visitors: 23%
  • Unique Global Visitors: 1.23 billion (February–July 2018)
  • 36% of the audience is between the ages of 25 and 44, and 20% is between the ages of 45 and 55.
  • Bing Visual Search will soon be able to read text from an image taken with a smartphone. Other advantages include reading a mobile number, email, or link from an image.
  • Bing Visual Search can solve a math equation problem step by step.

So we understand that Bing is improving itself to increase its popularity. Then we should think about Bing SEO.

How Much Do Bing Visitors Need From Us?

How much do Bing visitors need from us?
How much do Bing visitors need from us?

A survey has shown that the conversion rate of visitors to the Bing search engine is comparatively higher, and the bounce rate is relatively lower than that of Google.

What can we understand from this? Can we then assume that Bing’s users are slightly more mature than Google’s?

Then you must be interested in doing SEO for Bing’s search engine.

And if you hear what I say now, your interest will increase; Bing’s ranking competition is comparatively less than that of Google.

Some essential ranking factors for Bing

Let us see what Bing gives the most important for ranking in search engines.

User Engagement: This is one of Bing’s ranking signals. The better your site’s user engagement, the better your site will rank on Bing.

CTR (Click Through Rate): How well your site performs on the Bing search engine. That is, if you think that the site in the #1 position on the Bing search result page gets 25% of the clicks and the site in the #2 position gets 48% of the clicks, then you understand that the site in the #2 position has a better CTR. Here you can ask why the site in position 2 will get more clicks. This site may have placed its keywords well in its title and meta description.

Backlinks: Although backlinks are not given that much importance in search engines like Bing or Google, it is true. When comparing the results pages of Google and Bing, you will notice that the site ranking in Bing has fewer backlinks.

Inbound Links: Bing places great importance on internal links within your pages. We should make as many internal links as possible while maintaining relevance on a page. Then the link juice flow between all the pages will be exemplary.

Keywords in the domain name: Bing’s search engine should include keywords in the domain name. In this case, as long as you use Exact Match Domain (EMD), there is no problem.

Social Signal: Yes, you are right; social signals are an essential ranking factor in the Bing search engine. Here, the more you share a post on social media, the more the post’s ability to get ranked will increase.

Page Authority: The Bing search engine gives a lot of importance to Page Authority. This is why older domains rank better on Bing than newer domains.

Keyword Density: You also need to follow keyword density rules for Bing’s search engine. Keyword stuffing cannot be done by typing a specific keyword repeatedly. You can keep the density at 2–3 percent in this case.

Informative Content: Content is equally important to all search engines. You must publish content on the site that is both accurate and unique.

Site structure and navigation: According to Bing search engine guidelines, all site pages should be close to the homepage. That is, all pages or posts should be accessible within three clicks. For example, SEO > On-Page SEO > Heading Tag.

General On-Page SEO: In the Bing search engine, you must also correctly arrange general on-page SEO issues such as title, heading tag, image, meta tag, etc.

Hopefully, through the above discussion, you have understood how to rank in Bing’s search engine.

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